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Small businesses have the difficult task of fighting through internet saturation to make their business more visible to potential customers. Small business owners handle various aspects of their own business, making it frustrating to handle website creation, moderation and exposure. TecBE works for small businesses to make sure they have the internet tools and capabilities to make sales and run everyday business functions.


What do you get with TecBE?

Powerful Business Email

Free email addresses are great for personal use, but using a business email address with a custom .com domain has an added value in communication.

Business Website

Show your professionalism with a custom .com website that best represents your products or services.

Online Calendar

Never miss a meeting again with our Google Apps calendar solution. Schedule appointments easily.

Online Storage

Receive storage and multi-device sharing capabilities with our Google Drive solution. Share important files seamlessly.

What makes TecBE different from other providers?

We give you four technology services (custom made website, business email, online calendar and storage) for one small price.

We don't just design your website. We do everything from writing attractive content for your website pages to running your website.

We don't surprise you with additional charges like domain registration fee, stock image fees, content writing charges, web hosting fee etc.

We offer website changes for no additional charge throughout the extent of our relationship.

We work to make one time setup charge as manageable as possible. Ask us about our current promotions.

One small subscription fee. We do not charge separate fee for each service. You will get everything in the bundle service for a small monthly fee.

We don’t require any long-term contracts. No cancellation fee. If you ever feel like our relationship is not working out you are free to cancel services with a short 90 day notice.


Small Business Bundle

Michael Foster Salon

Moses Auto Service

East Buffet Restaurant

Bedford Wireless

See some of our customers' websites. Email, Calendar and Storage access links are under "Employee Portal" page of these websites.


Website Design Questions


Common Questions about Small Business Bundle?


How can a good website help my small business?

According to National Small Business Association's 2013 survey, maintaining an online presence continues to be an important component for small firms. A good percent of people try to lookup businesses on the internet before visiting business facilities. Having an attractive website helps to convey to your existing and potential customers that you are a credible business. Your website will tell people who you are, and what you do. Your website will act as a 24 hour marketing tool.

How much return on investment(ROI) can I expect from having a website?


TECBE has made cost of running a custom made business website so affordable. Customers who enroll during our current promotional period pay a low setup fee and $49/month. Most of the small businesses do not need more than a few new customers each month to make small business bundle a great investment.

How is business email address different from personal email address?


Personal email addresses are addresses that end with etc. which are free. Your business email ends with @your business This adds professional feeling to communications.

What are included in small business bundle offer?

Custom developed website for your business, Business class email, Online storage and Online Calendar


How do I place an order for small business bundle?


Fill sign-up form properly and submit the form along with a copy of government issued identification document of the person signing the form.

Do I have to supply written content, photographs etc. to help website development?


No, Setup fee includes cost associated with article writing, stock photos etc. We will contact you if we need to collect additional information from you. If your business has a flier or catalog, feel free to send a copy of it along with your sign-up form. This will help our writers to develop a great content for your website.

Do I have to pay any fee for changes that I may need to make to my website  in the future?


No, we charge no additional fee for changes to your website unless you want us to make a complete makeover to your website.

How long will it take for my website and other services to go live?


Development work will normally be completed within four to six weeks. You will receive a welcome letter via USPS mail once all services go live.

When will be my first monthly subscription fee payment due on?


After your services go live, you will receive a welcome letter from us via USPS mail. Payment instructions will be included in that mail unless you have submitted auto-pay authorization form during sign-up.


How do I get more people to visit my website?


Once your website is live, there are multiple ways potential customers will reach to your website.


a) When potential consumers search your business name with your location on Google, Yahoo etc. your website should start to pop up in search results. Most of the people try to lookup businesses online before they visit or buy products or services from business establishments. Having an attractive website helps to convey to your customers that you are a professional business.


b) Start adding your .com website name to your business cards, catalog, menu etc.


c) When we mail out welcome kit to you, we will include a list of free online business directories where you can add your business information and your website name. This process will increase visitors to your new website.

I already have a website. Can I get rest of the tools in small business bundle for a reduced price?


Yes. If you already have a website that you are satisfied with scratch items 2 through 4 before sending your sign up form to us.  Your subscription fee will reduce to $15/month. $5/month for each additional user in your organization.

What payments types do you accept?


If I ever cancel services, will I be able to transfer my website and domain name to another service provider?

You can pay with credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts. You will be given an option to enroll in automatic recurring payment for no additional fee. Customers who enroll in auto-pay pays lowest fee. This is our way of appreciating you for saving our time in billing. Once your website and other services go live, you will receive a welcome letter from us in postal mail with details including payment instructions.



Yes, We will work with your new service provider to transfer your website and you can keep your website (domain) name. Work related to transfer activities will be billed separately.

Is there a cancellation fee associated with small business bundle subscription?


No. We do not charge cancellation charges in the event that you decide to terminate services. We just ask that you let us know  90 days prior to cancellation effective date so that there will be enough time for the process and let you transfer your emails and other data stored in the secure cloud computers prior to cancellation effective date.

How big will be my email server mailbox space?


30 GB per user. This is a very large space to store emails. You will never have to delete your past emails. This storage space will be increased by 30 GB for each additional user in your company.

Example:- 3 user business will get 90 GB storage space.

How much are the taxes?


Texas customers will pay 8.25% on top of your monthly subscription fee. We do not currently collect taxes from customers in other states.

How do I enroll in auto-pay?


Auto-pay authorization form is included in sign-up form.

What is the secret behind TecBE's surprisingly low prices?


TECBE invests it's money and time on customers' websites to make internet technologies affordable to many of the small business owners.  You will see the benefits of small business tools and we know you will stay with TECBE for years. Our customer retention rate is very high. TECBE gets it's return in the long run.


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